Friday, January 21, 2011

Chrysler Rumor-The 2012 Dodge Dakota pickup truck?

Found this on the popular Chrysler site AllPar. A rendering of what a Uni-Body Dakota replacement based on the Durango would look like....Not Bad.

But myself and most other truck buyers prefer a framed based trucks.


  1. It is an interesting concept. I am wondering how Dodge can think about this when the Honda Ridgeline is falling badly in sales. All I can say is that if this goes forward, I would be very interested and hopefully it is rated to tow 5,000 lbs. Most of the similar vehicles out there can only tow 2,000, which is woefully inadequate for most appilcations.

  2. Another comment on the vehicle. I was stunned to see the towing capacity of the new Ford Explorer. It is only rated for 2,000 lbs. Makes me wonder what they were thinking.

  3. The only problem with the Ridgeline is the mpg . Right now even though they trash the Ridgeline , Ford, Chevy and Dodge are scrambling to build one..

  4. The problem with the Ridgeline is it is uglier than a Mudfence! Plus, it is a Honda! This is Gorgeous and I will be the first in line to buy one. I would imagine it will have the same towing capacity as the new Durango has depending on engine choice.

  5. AWESOME!!! I'd buy one of these in a second if they made it... The outgoing Dakota looks like it was designed by retarded monkeys.

  6. I was hoping they were going to build something that looked like the 2006 Rampage Concept. It needs to look like an agreesive sports truck and not an elcamino.

    the beauty of the design is sports truck with a tiny bed that extends into the cab when the midgate and seats are down and out the back when the tail gate is down.

    Please have the entire back window roll down and build in an embeded headache bar into the Cab roof. Put a 3 seater front bench for seating for up to 6!

    Lite, low to the grown and short.. but still very aggressive looking and function as you can carry 4x8 sheets of plywood in the extended bed..

    Put a Pentastar v6 turbo charged that returns 300hp, 3000lb towing and 23mpg real world avg.

    If they build that truck they won't be able to make enough of them.

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