Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2010 Dodge Ram truck intro to be well financed

Scott Burgess / The Detroit News
The 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy pickup will hit dealerships in a few weeks with a new look and the same powerful engines, but with a well-financed marketing campaign in tow, Chrysler LLC executives said Tuesday.

"There is pent-up demand in all of the markets, especially the truck market," said Mark Heber, director of Dodge Ram marketing. "All we need is a little bit of an uptick in the economy and things could take off."

Heber said the automaker, which emerged from bankruptcy in July, remains committed to the truck and will have a substantial marketing budget. He declined to give figures or say how soon the campaign will begin....More

Chrysler's product plans to be shown in 'six-hour extravaganza'

WINDSOR, Ont. — Some industry analysts are calling it "a six-hour extravaganza." That's the length of time Chrysler Group LLC has allotted for the public unveiling of its long-awaited, five-year product and business plan.

Journalists and auto analysts will gather at the Technology Centre at the automaker's Auburn Hills, Mich., headquarters Nov. 4 to hear CEO Sergio Marchionne finally release details of how he intends to integrate Fiat and Chrysler in a way that ensures the No. 3 automaker's survival.

Although his revival efforts face an avalanche of skepticism, the Italian-Canadian CEO is being compared to industry icon Lee Iacocca. Following a speech recently to the Detroit Economic Club, U.S. Transportation SecretaryRay Lahood said Marchionne is "the next generation of Lee Iacocca....More

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty and 2010 Dodge Dakota Take Top Honors

- All-new 2010 Ram 3500 named "Heavy Duty Pickup Truck of Texas," beating 3/4- and one-ton competition

- 2010 Dodge Dakota named "Mid-size Truck of Texas"
SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Dodge Ram Heavy Duty and Dodge Dakota took top honors at the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) annual Truck Rodeo outside of San Antonio, Texas this past weekend. TAWA members named the all-new 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 "Heavy Duty Pickup Truck of Texas," giving Dodge top honors over 3/4- and one-ton competitors. The 2010 Dodge Dakota also won "Mid-size Truck of Texas."

"We're very proud of these awards; they affirm our leadership in the truck market," said Fred Diaz, President and Chief Executive Officer Dodge Ram Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. "In a head-to-head competition, our all-new 2010 Ram Heavy Duty un-seated last year's winner, right in the pickup truck capital of the U.S. Ram is not only the best heavy-duty truck we've ever built; it's the best heavy-duty truck on the market, hands down. We're also proud that the Dodge Dakota won its category, affirming Dakota's capability and versatility." ....More

Monday, October 19, 2009

GMAC: Most Chrysler dealers to qualify for new loans

Company says most of Chrysler's 2,400 retailers will get needed financing

GMAC Financial Services President Bill Muir said Sunday that the number of Chrysler dealers expected to close because they don't qualify for new loans through the lender is likely to be small.

GMAC was designated the new finance company for Chrysler Group LLC dealers after the automaker filed for bankruptcy.

The Detroit News reported Saturday that some dealers said they had been told by GMAC and Chrysler officials that hundreds of dealers were at risk of not being able to finance with GMAC.....More

GMAC: Most Chrysler dealers to qualify for new loans

GMAC Financial Services President Bill Muir said Sunday that the number of Chrysler dealers expected to close because they dont qualify for new loans through the lender is likely to be small----...More

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chrysler News-CEO: Chrysler profitable by 2011

After a four-month deep dive into the workings of Chrysler Group LLC, Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne remains convinced the automaker can be profitable in two years.---

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dodge Ram Truck Crushes the Competition

Ram vs. Competition
.Its not bragging if it's true.

When you engineer this much capability, quality and innovation into one truck, you're gonna win a few contests. Take a look at what victories the All-New Ram has already claimed.

Ride quality

•Better off-road ride than Chevy, GMC and Nissan
•Better Smooth Road Ride than Ford, GMC, Nissan and Toyota

•Faster 0-60 mph Acceleration than Ford and Chevy
•Faster ¼ mile Acceleration than Ford and Chevy
Acceleration while towing

•Faster 0-60 mph acceleration while towing than Ford and Chevy
•Faster merging acceleration (20-65 mph) while towing than Ford and Chevy
Acceleration with payload

•Faster 0-60 mph acceleration with a 1,120 lb payload than Ford or Chevy
•Faster merging acceleration (20-65mph) with a 1,120 lb payload than Ford or Chevy
•Faster passing acceleration (40-70 mph) with a 1,120 lb payload than Ford or Chevy
Fuel economy

•Unsurpassed highway fuel Economy while towing 5,000 lbs. than Chevy or Ford

Watch The

Chrysler, Fiat Working on Electric Car

VERRONE, Italy -- Auto makers Chrysler Group LLC and Fiat SpA are working together on developing an electric car, a Chrysler board member confirmed Thursday. Alfredo Altavilla said the development process is "going very well" with Chrysler contributing its electric propulsion technology to the alliance. Mr. Altavilla made the comments at the opening of a gearbox plant in Verrone. This is the first time a Chrysler or Fiat executive has publicly confirmed Chrysler's electrification plans since Fiat Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne took control of Chrysler's assets in June after the U.S.-based company filed for bankruptcy protection.....More

Chrysler:Mexico achieves best market share in 18 months

Boosted by year-over-year sales increases of Dodge Journey, Dodge Ram, Jeep® Patriot and Chrysler Town & Country, Chrysler Mexico achieved an 11.8 percent market share in September—its best share performance in the past 18 months, beating Ford for the first time this year.

“We are thrilled by our market share achievement in September and outstanding sales growth for the past three months as this reinforces the continued confidence the Mexican consumer has in our company, our products, and our outstanding dealer body,” said Joe ChamaSrour, President—Chrysler de Mexico.

The Dodge Journey continued as the No. 1-selling crossover-utility vehicle in the market with a sales increase of 33 percent compared with September 2008, selling more than double its nearest competitor. The Dodge Ram also reported year-over-year sales increases with the Laramie Crew Cab continuing as the best-selling luxury pickup truck in the market. The Jeep Patriot had its best sales performance of the year, and the Chrysler Town & Country 25th Anniversary Edition helped boost minivan sales to levels exceeding September 2008.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chrysler to outline 5-year business plan

Chrysler Group LLC will unveil its five-year business and product plan Nov. 4, the company said today.

The briefing by CEO Sergio Marchionne for media and analysts will be held at the Auburn Hills headquarters.

Chrysler and Fiat SpA formed a new company June 10 and Marchionne has been working with his management team on a strategy to better differentiate the brands in a business structure where each is responsible for its own profits and losses.----

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dodge Ram Brand-Company announces new brand and commercial appointments

Company announces new brand and commercial appointments

Chrysler Group LLC today announces brand and commercial organization changes.
“The brand-focused strategy has been refined further with the unbundling of the Dodge Brand which now consists of the Dodge Ram Brand and the Dodge Car Brand organizations. This reorganization will allow us to protect and develop the unique nature of the product offerings within the Dodge Brand,” Mr. Sergio Marchionne, Chief Executive Officer, Chrysler Group LLC said.

Fred Diaz Jr. is appointed President and CEO, Dodge Ram Brand with profit and loss responsibility for the Dodge Ram product portfolio. Mr. Diaz will also be the lead executive for the Sales organization in the United States. He was previously the Director of the Denver Business Center. Mr. Diaz has been with the Company since 1989 in positions of increasing responsibility. The Company will announce Mr. Diaz’s replacement with a separate announcement....More

Friday, October 2, 2009

Chrysler Vehicle Launches At Risk Because Of Daimler

The launch of key Chrysler Group LLC vehicles next year is being threatened once again by a new parts dispute between the automaker and former owner Daimler AG.

At risk are the next-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango sport utility vehicles and the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger full-size sedans. The products are Chrysler's most important launches in 2010 and the only completely redone passenger vehicles the Auburn Hills-based automaker is introducing in two model years.

To safeguard these crucial launches, Chrysler on Thursday amended a lawsuit filed in August asking a U.S. bankruptcy court to settle any lingering and future parts disputes between the companies once and for all....More

Sergio speaks: Chrysler's future will be better

New Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne hasn’t been talking much since the company emerged from bankruptcy on June 2. While rival General Motors has come out with an aggressive advertising campaign that attempts to get skeptics to look at its new cars, Chrysler has stayed under wraps. But Marchionne did take the microphone after sales came out on Oct. 1 and showed that he has a realistic view of Chrysler’s place in the world.

Chyrsler 200c

The question is, what will built that future? The company has only the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrysler 300 sedan coming in the near future. Both look good but neither of them are game changers. In 18 months or so, Fiat will have some of its cars coming. We’ll see how those cars do. Americans know little about Fiat cars and too few consumers shop Chrysler and Dodge dealerships for compact cars and family sedans. To show a better tomorrow, Marchionne will have to reveal some real surprises with his November plan.....More