Saturday, November 8, 2008

Chrysler News-What is the best scenario for Chrysler Workers?

Well the fears for Chrysler workers maybe coming true. GM Doesn't have the money right away to acquire Chrysler and has placed the merger on hold for the short term, so Cerberus is looking to sell the company in pieces.

From auto reports around the globe, the GM Chrysler Merger may be a better scenario for workers instead of parting it out. Analyst believe that Cerberus may have difficulty selling all the divisions or car lines of Chrysler. The Jeep line maybe the easiest to sell, but what does Cerberus do if it can't sell the rest?

Automotive reports have Hyundai Motors interested in the Jeep lineup and at one time Nissan was the front runner for the Dodge Pickup line. But current reports say Nissan just wants alliances and probably wouldn't want to spend billions purchasing Dodge.

The only vehicles of Chrysler that seem to have any interest from other companies are the: Jeep line, Mini-vans and Dodge Ram.

What are the options for Cerberus? What is their time table? and how much money can they stomach losing as they sit idle?

Maybe the best scenario would be taking Chrysler public and buying out Cerberus to save 66,000 jobs!

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  1. A Chrysler Hyundai Merger... I rather spend the night with Rosie O'Donnell than see that...What a disgrace to the Chrysler name and heritage... Now at least the Gm Chrysler Merger is respectable.
    The Gm Chrysler Merger will still happen is Cerberus gives GM time. They are just on hold until GM gets the cash! If Cerberus parts us out before then we are in trouble, start looking for a new job...........