Monday, May 11, 2009

Chrysler Owes $400 Million To Suppliers and Bob Lutz Joins List

Some surprising companies and people stand in a long line of those with unsecured claims against bankrupt Chrysler.

The list of creditors that are owed big money by bankrupt Chrysler includes many suppliers such as Johnson Controls and Visteon. But there’s also Bob Lutz, a former vice chairman and president of Chrysler, where he worked for 12 years starting in 1986, whose compensation ran in the millions of dollars annually. A claim of an undisclosed amount will be filed and ruled on by the court in the coming weeks. See the top 10 list of creditors filing claims with Chrysler.

Chrysler Top Ten Creditors

Ohio Module Mfg. Co. -- $70,337,248
BBDO Detroit Inc. -- $58,055,133
Johnson Controls Inc. -- $50,312,511
Continental Automotive -- $46,995,802
Cummins Engine Company -- $43,912,930
Germersheim Spare Parts -- $36,231,566
Comau Inc. -- $32,069,462
Visteon Corp. -- $25,608,790
New Process Gear -- $19,636,149
Denso International -- $18,704,831

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