Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chrysler Fiat Production Of The 500 At Warren Truck or Belvidere?

Chrysler Fiat is not giving up any information after Channel 4 Detroit announced that Fiat was considering building the Fiat 500 at the Warren Truck Assembly Plant. Which WTAP currently makes the Dodge Ram/Dakota and was slated to build the Rambox option that came from St. Louis. If Chrysler is to launch the 500 by 2011 they must make a decision soon.
The Belvidere Plant builds the Dodge Caliber which is still going to build the 2010 model.
There are a few good questions,which plant will lose their current production model? will Fiat build a new plant? or will production go to Mexico?

Channel 4 Fiat 500 Report--Video

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