Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nissan, Chrysler cancel deal | The Detroit News

Nissan Motor Co. and Chrysler Group LLC have dropped their plans to produce vehicles for each other.

The two automakers agreed early last year to pool their volumes in the full-size pickup and subcompact segments, but doubts about the projects arose after Chrysler teamed up with Italy's Fiat SpA.

"For the past several months, teams from both companies have been studying the viability of the projects in light of significant changes in business conditions since the projects were announced," the two automakers said in a joint statement.


"Today, it was decided it was in the best interests of both companies to end the projects."

Last year, before Chrysler joined forces with Fiat, it agreed to produce a full-size pickup for Nissan, while the Japanese automaker agreed to make two subcompacts for Chrysler.

But Fiat, a small car specialist, will provide Chrysler with small-car underpinnings and sell at least one of its own cars, the 500, in the United States.

Nissan, Chrysler cancel deal | | The Detroit News

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